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Location Shooting Service in JAPAN

Please feel free to contacts whenever and on whatever area you might need support regarding to the filming in Japan!


Extensive experience in planning and actual production of visual works such as films, dramas, and commercials, as well as provision of location coordinating services for film shoots by foreign productions in Japan.

Main Film Credits include:

Ring” series, “AUDITION(Directed by Takashi Miike), and “The Tenor – Lirico Spinto” (Japan-Korea)

Reference: IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Past experiences working with film productions of:   China, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, the USA, Thai, India, etc.

Services we provide​:

Candidate Location Sites consultation and research

Filing Applications for film ermits in Japan

Procurement of filming equipment


Procurement of interpreters & translation of scripts, planning sheets and budget sheets

Help arranging accommodations, careering, transportation and renting or chartering the cars

Please feel free to consult us on all areas relating to filming in Japan


The photos used on our home page are generic samples, not particularly from our previous works nor availability currently guaranteed. For your each location need, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


JLG Bld 2F,  1-19-7,  Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku

Tokyo,  141-0022,  Japan

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